The web3 database


Spacetime is the decentralized storage, index and query protocol for structured data.

Decentralized apps need a decentralized database.

Today, companies and users have to trust apps to safeguard their data and allow access to it. That trust has been broken too many times.

Spacetime enables developers to build decentralized apps with a trustless data model at 1000x lower cost than on-chain storage.

We do this by using ZK proofs to validate an incentivized network of indexers who store and serve queries for structured data.

Our community is building


DAOs are implementing trustless automation to compose mutable and queryable metadata with smart contracts.

Creator platforms

Creator platforms are allowing users to own the data and relationships they create.

Soulbound tokens

NFT metadata can be mutable and queryable at scale enabling better SBTs.


Fast queries from dApps or smart contacts

Web3-native permissions and encryption

Block explorer to view and manage databases

Works with your fav projects

Latest video

Spacetime CTO Calum Moore speaking on a ZK panel at EthCC Paris.

Use Spacetime

// Create a collection
Spacetime.createCollection('books', { config })
// Add record to collection
title: 'Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System',
author: 'Satoshi Nakamoto',
// Read record from collection
const res = await Spacetime.collection('books').doc('bitcoin').get()
const data = // { id: 'bitcoin', title: 'Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System', ... }
const block = res.block // { hash: '5232BA4065DFAA7EF6317E1AF3671D2D61A5FA948EBEEA7B0F8B5AB87E3F1ADB' }

Web3 architecture

Spacetime is the database layer in modern web3 architecture.

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